The Indian International School-DSO students sweep ‘Mubarmij50 Robotics Competition’!



In an electrifying triumph, students from The Indian International School - DSO have emerged as the champions of the highly esteemed ‘Mubarmij50 Robotics’ competition. This annual event, organized by Sandooq Al Watan and delivered by Aldar Education, ignites the imagination of young innovators and propels them into the captivating realms of coding and robotics.

Exceeding all expectations, the exceptional students of IIS-DSO showcased their prodigious talents and secured the highest honors in the ‘Inspire Category’. Standing tall among their peers, Neel Vishesh Vats (2G) and Zaynab Safvi (2C) left an unforgettable impression on the competitors and spectators.

Neel Vishesh Vats, a true wonderkid, was bestowed with the prestigious ‘Best Controller Award’ for his unparalleled command and mastery over the robotics systems. His awe-inspiring ability to navigate and manipulate the robots with pinpoint precision has impressed the judges.

Meanwhile, Zaynab Safvi, a rising luminary, displayed her exceptional versatility and excellence across various aspects of the competition, earning her the well-deserved title of ‘Young All-Rounder’. Zaynab's remarkable prowess in coding, problem-solving, and teamwork proved to be the driving force behind her resounding success in the competition.

IIS-DSO community brims with pride for the extraordinary achievements of Neel Vishesh Vats and Zaynab Safvi, who have proven themselves as true ambassadors of excellence and innovation. Their triumph in the ‘Mubarmij50 Robotics’ competition stands as a glowing testament to the school's unwavering dedication in nurturing talent and fostering a passion for technology.

Heartiest congratulations to Neel Vishesh Vats and Zaynab Safvi on their remarkable accomplishment! May their journey continue to inspire.