Safety Procedures in the School Campus

    1. All the buses are regularly serviced and maintained as per the regulations laid out by the RTA.
    2. Parking areas for buses are designated.
    3. New bus drivers are placed under a compulsory 6-month training period during which his driving skills, temperament and ability to handle children are monitored.
    4. Conductors are trained on how to take care of the children (i.e. ensuring their safety while boarding, alighting and travelling in the buses).
    5. The Bus Route Number is in the ID cards of Oud Matha campus students and in the Bus Cards of Al Garhoud campus students to make sure that the students board the correct bus.
    6. Only after all the buses are parked are students sent out of the classes to board the buses during dispersal.
    7. Teachers and Office boys are stationed at various areas in the school before and after class to facilitate an orderly movement of the students in the campus and ensure their safety.
    8. Students are instructed to walk only on the yellow-line marked pathways in the school for safe movement during school hours, and while alighting and boarding the buses.
    9. During class dismissal, all buses have to wait for the Foreman to wave a flag as a signal that they are all good-to-go; only then do the buses start to move out of the school gate.
    10. In case of a breakdown of a bus or an accident, a standby bus is dispatched to the area. Spare buses are always available in case of emergencies.
    11. A vehicle with technicians and spare parts is also available in case of breakdown of vehicles.
    12. In the event of buses being delayed, the students are made to wait in a shaded area with teachers and office boys looking after them. Any queries of parents are attended to by the Transport Department, Parent Communication Office and the Security Officer.
    13. Students are not permitted to change buses unless there is an emergency and prior written permission has been obtained from the principal.
    14. First Aid boxes and Fire Extinguishers are placed in buses. Drivers and conductors are trained to use them in the event of an emergency.
    15. Both RTA and In-house training are given to the drivers and conductors.
    16. Drivers are strictly warned not to use the mobile phone while driving. If conductors are not able to answer the phone, parents are requested to contact the school Transport Department.
    17. GPS is installed in all the buses as per RTA requirement.
    18. Parents are advised not to leave their wards unattended at the bus stops especially children below the age of 12 years.
    19. Students are advised to bring their books strictly according to their Time Table to avoid injuries caused by carrying heavy bags. The bags have to be kept below the seat.
    20. Every academic year the bus stops are updated and are fixed for the year. The students will be picked and dropped according to the list. The first pick up stop will be the first drop off point.
    21. Those parents who require an additional stop have to request for the same and have it approved by the principal.
    22. The security officer will check all the buses after reaching the school. All the items found will be kept at the lost and found counter of the school security.

Safety Procedure in the Buses

    1. Bus monitors are appointed by teachers to ensure and maintain discipline in the bus.
    2. Students boarding buses first are asked to occupy seats at the rear of a bus while coming to school. While going home, children who alight first are asked to occupy the front rows.
    3. Overcrowding or standing in the buses is not permitted. Students are shifted to other buses (certain stops) so as to make the students comfortable.
    4. At each stop, bus doors are locked automatically after the students have alighted.
    5. Windows are kept closed while the bus is on the road and students are not permitted to put their hands out of the window while the bus is in motion.
    6. After all the students have alighted, the drivers and conductors will ensure that no student or any belongings are left in the bus.
    7. The bags of students have to be kept below the seats while travelling in the bus.
    8. There is a passengers list per bus and it is displayed in every bus.
    9. Running around the bus or playing in the bus is not permitted.
    10. Teachers, bus monitors and conductors make sure that the driver is not distracted while he is driving.
    11. Students misbehaving in the bus are warned. Their names will be forwarded to the Headmaster if they will continue to misbehave. The Headmaster will inform the parents about their behavior, and disciplinary action will be taken accordingly which may result in termination of transport facility.
    12. Use of tablets or any other electronic gadgets is strictly prohibited in the bus.