“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities
- Stephen R. Covey”

Being mindful of this adage, we at IIS adopt an “inclusive” curriculum that respects the unique differences among our students. We ensure that all students are included in all aspects of the school. We believe in creating caring learning communities where culturally different individuals and heritages are valued.

We at IIS, foster cultural awareness among our students by promoting cultural diversity learning in our classroom lessons and extracurricular activities. It helps our students understand and respect similarities and differences and makes them realize that they are wonderfully unique people among many other wonderfully unique people.

We organize special events to create greater multicultural awareness and to encourage acceptance which helps our students to thrive in an exponentially diverse world. Some of them are listed below.

Republic Day

IIS celebrates Indian Republic Day with great elan. More than 2000 students take pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity. Our campus reverberates with patriotic fervour, enthusiasm and zest flashing colour, theme-based performances, and parades. The celebrations host many dignitaries including the honourable Consul General of India and VIP’s from across the globe who witness the wonderful show exhibited by the staff and students.

UAE National Day

To instill the highest value of Unity in Diversity we celebrate the UAE National Day in our campus enthusiastically. The wide range of vibrant activities include special assemblies, Folklore music, Bedouin folk dance and various other competitions which recognize UAE’s rich history, colourful traditions, and outstanding achievements. Our learners enjoy the day getting acquainted with the culture and heritage of the UAE and their hearts filled with love and respect towards the country and its leaders.

World Tours and Virtual Tours

True to our vision of creating ‘Global Proactive Citizens’, we at IIS believe in being “a citizen of the world”. We organize tours to different countries which will help our students explore amazing places and give them remarkable learning experiences and feel connected with various cultures and appreciate them. During this pandemic time, we have organized virtual tours to different countries and landmarks as an earnest attempt to replace academically relevant physical field trips.

Commemoration of National and International Days

For our students we proffer an excellent opportunity for intercultural exchange and understanding by the commemoration of National and International days like the International Day of Families, International Peace Day, International Dance Day, and International Yoga Day. Our students voice their thoughts on the significance of these days and the culture of the world in class boards.

Celebrating the Spirit of Ramadan

IIS proudly celebrates the ideology of ‘giving Back’ to the society, as the entire school community contributes food, clothing, and other necessities to the less fortunate, thus inculcating in our students generosity and social responsibility within a global community. We also encourage them to share their ‘random acts of kindness’ which will help them to showcase, understand, and reinforce the importance of good values like gratitude, empathy, compassion, kindness, charity and sharing.

Hindi Diwas

With the objective to show respect towards India’s most popular language and the fourth most widely spoken language in the world, our students at IIS show their love for the Hindi language which is deeply rooted in our culture through a various activities like recitation and reading in Hindi, performing in skits and creative write ups with interesting narratives in Hindi.

Global Awareness - Thematic Assemblies - Representation of different countries of the world

In IIS Primary Section, Thematic assemblies hold the numero uno position out of all the routine activities. Our little champions will portray a country’s culture which includes food, arts, music, language and also the national symbol, flag, famous monuments, and their importance. The purpose is to help our young learners learn world culture and to showcase love and acceptance for all which will help them to be better and responsible citizens.