“Without continual growth and progress,
such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning.”

- Benjamin Franklin


In the last 60 years, we have built a unique and global intellectual community, unsurpassed in the world. As we celebrate significant strides in keeping education affordable and accessible for students and their families, we also continue to be one of the most esteemed, established and outperforming institution in the Gulf region.

Our oldest campus in Oud Metha serves the largest number of students of the Indian community with a not-for-profit, service-to-the-community attitude. The Al Garhoud campus caters to the comprehensive needs of young learners. Our IIS-DSO campus is a boutique school offering globalised disciplines and exclusive facilities and infrastructure. The three schools stand as resolute pillars of our continued commitment and resilience in providing finest and creative methods of teaching and learning.

At The Indian High Group of Schools students are able to thrive academically, discover their athletic passions and establish lifelong relationships with both students and educators. Through new quality-assurance policies, international accreditation, and expansion into new areas of study, we have uncovered new opportunities for academic research and innovation. Our commitment to excellence is ever expanding.

We’re as diverse in our learning and teaching as the country we’re located in. With a vibrant Indian student community, you are sure to encounter minds and ideas of every kind. It makes learning here a uniquely rich experience. Our students and staff aspire and explore ideas that really get them excited. Our extended assistance and encouragement takes each of our students forward every day. And whether it’s a world-changing idea or one student’s personal first, we celebrate and support progress of every kind.

When the foundation of The Indian High School was laid in 1961, its mission was to develop future leaders who understand and commiserate world cultures and can contribute to the global society. Today, in the Golden Jubilee year of our institution, we have an extraordinary agglomeration of teachers, leaders and innovators who create ‘Proactive Global Citizens’.

We have three campuses across Dubai, each very caring, mindful and responsive to the commitments and the requirements of its students. Each campus is unique in its efficacy and deliverance towards its pupils. While academic excellence is emphasised at every level, the focus is placed on universal values, ethics, discipline, creativity and personality development.

The Indian High Group of Schools touts that 100% of our graduates are invaluable members of society and will contribute enormously to their community and country.

Girish Jethwani
Hon. Chairman,
The Indian High Group of Schools, Dubai.