Student happiness and wellbeing is an integral aspect of learning, individual development and participation. Successful learning is, to a large extent, dependent on the quality of the learning environment and it is the human relationships in the school that most impact the quality of this environment.

The student happiness and wellbeing initiatives at IIS aim to achieve the school's vision of ‘creating proactive global citizens’ through comprehensive and integrated strategies that support the cognitive, emotional, social, physical and spiritual wellbeing of students.

The school is committed to providing a safe, secure and inclusive learning environment for all students. We implemented the following strategies that promote and support student well-being.

International Yoga Day

Can one deny the need to feel serene, energetic, motivated and adapt to various ups and downs? IIS thus celebrates the message of Yoga in promoting both the physical and mental well-being of humanity which has been a growing trend among people around the world. We promote the same among our students every year to engage them in Yoga for wellbeing. Students, teachers and parents engage in live Yoga sessions throughout the school.

De-stress lounge

The school year has the capacity to quickly get stressful, especially for senior students. An introduction of a de-stress lounge helps lighten their moods and detox any unnecessary stress from building up before their examinations. Incensed ambience, lots of plants, art therapy, pet therapy, stress buster games, calming music is all a part of our de-stress lounge at IIS-DSO.

Mindfulness Sessions

Studies have shown mindfulness in the classroom not only helps teachers but students too. Children are engaged in short mindfulness sessions throughout the term at the start of the day to help them focus and reduce anxiety to improve their academic, social and emotional learning.

Thematic Weeks

Integrating knowledge, learning and awareness is what theme-based weeks are all about. If you’re wondering what amazing activities you will be able to enjoy with us in Thematic Week, look below!

KYS Week
“know your students” week is dedicated to an introduction to the start of a new term or academic year. Students engage themselves in getting to know their teachers and peers through ice breaker games, meet and greet along with understanding the classroom rules.

Safety week
Safety and security for our children is of utmost importance. Our annual safety week is a valuable week for us, where each day is utilized to promote health and safety. Road safety, Cyber safety (keeping safe online), stranger danger, bullying prevention and emotional wellbeing have been a part of our safety week programs. Counselor talks, parent talks and workshops urge the students to understand the necessity of staying safe. The past year has been focused predominantly on health and safety measures during the pandemic.

Wellness week
“Health is a state of body, wellness is a state of being” - J.Stanford
This week, full of themed days, is to remind everyone to “take a moment” in the stress of student life.
Take a moment to be mindful - Yoga, meditation and breathing activities.
Take a moment for your emotional health – Crazy Hat Day, My Hygge, Perfect Mobile Pic Day, Happiness Jar.
Take a moment to connect with others – Kindness clouds, thank you cards (during the pandemic, students made thank you cards for frontline workers).
Take a moment for your physical health – Dance and Zumba sessions, encourage healthy eating as well as Dubai Fitness
30x30 challenge – an action-packed month of sporting events is an important event in our calendar every year.

Innovation Week
“Innovation is an ability to see change as an opportunity - not a threat”- Steve Jobs
There is an enormous growth of a new era that is beyond knowledge consumption; that is, the era of knowledge innovation. We cultivate a culture of innovation in our school, by providing various platforms for our students to rise and make their creative dreams come to life. We encourage new innovations that bring the best out of a young brain to prepare them for their better future. Innovation week involves competitions and programs like sustainable projects using recyclable materials and tech innovations at school level and internationally.

Go Green Week

You know what it is to be green but, when you’re a school student with a busy schedule, sometimes it seems like a lot of time and effort that you don’t have to devote to becoming Eco-friendly. We make it simple for our students to match their steps with the world in being eco-friendly in every possible way they can. We encourage simple ways in which the students can do their part to help the environment. Reduce-Reuse-Recycle, adopt a plant, DIY plant pots, DIY compost and many more such activities are a part of the Go Green Week at IIS.

Bullying prevention Week
This week is dedicated to helping promote safe schools and a positive learning environment and to discuss the importance of healthy relationships and fostering a positive school climate. Standing up against bullying and supporting each other is the key value inculcated through various activities across the grades, from writing a pledge, to making posters, presenting short skits related to it, etc.

A ‘Speaking’ school

As we take learning beyond our classrooms, our walls talk, and every corner speaks a thousand words about our school’s vision to create proactive global citizens. Entryways, hallways, classrooms and libraries have a fresh level of commitment to the learning happening throughout the school
Here is a range of activities happening at different corners of our school.

Corridor Makeover
Catch a glimpse of learning in our corridor display boards, proudly showcasing the learning of our students.

Artistic skill will be seen taking shape as our future actor gems are being polished in happening Junction/ Spotlight/Open Mic. They have become a live talent podium for the young and dynamic students during the school recess across the school.

Happening Junction
Grades 6-10 showcase their acting, singing, dancing, debate skill at this Junction. You cannot miss the action happening here during your breaks and free time.

Spotlight/Open Mic
Our budding artists from Grades 3-5 are all buzzing around this corner to enchant with their performance.

Reading Café/ Reading Corner
Find our true knowledge seekers engrossed reading in each section and opening their mind to imagination and creativity at different reading corners and in class libraries. These reading corners mirrors the joy of life and learning as well as gives an opportunity to develop social skills.

Around the World
This corner is dedicated to Geography activities for students, as well as ideas for exploring other cultures with them. A place on the map is identified and all information related to it is shared with students in primary grades. In secondary grade students themselves find information related to it and at the end of the week the knowledge is tested through a quiz.

Curiosity Corner/ What If
These corners target the development of children's oral language and literacy as well as their cognitive, mathematical, social, personal, creative and physical development. Curiosity Corner provides experiences for students to explore exciting content from a variety of academic disciplines, spark their curiosity, enhance their creativity, and perform as problem solvers

Password a day
Creative and fun way to auger spelling in primary, through ‘Password A Day’. Here you will find each class identifying a password a day and the students need to spell it correctly before they are granted access inside the classroom.

Building Bonds Sessions

The Dubai Knowledge (KHDA) key factors for happiness are: 'Connect', 'Be Active', 'Take Notice', 'Keep Learning', and 'Give'. Keeping all this in mind we have designed the Building Bonds session which is the most loved session by all our students. True to its name the session is specially designed for our students from KG to Grade 5, to give them an opportunity for students and teachers to build stronger bonds among themselves. We ensure that our students have the time to relax, exercise, be creative and spend time with their newfound friends. These sessions are fun filled with a variety of activities planned once a week for all classes in the preprimary and primary section.
A few activities that make up the building bonds sessions are - Home Tour, Fun Games sessions, DIY, JAM, Scavenger hunt, Treasure hunt, Virtual memory game, Dumb Charades, making musical instruments at home, Personalized Tent – cozy space {Tent at home}, what if, Zoom in game, Fold Wallet craft.

Term/Year end celebrations

The final week of school brings new beginnings, endings and smaller transitions. This important milestone is celebrated as a pleasurable and enjoyable experience for the students. Themed dress up days, fun games, movies and art are a special feature of the final week. Students reflect well on these meaningful milestones that have shaped their intellect and character preparing them for next level of learning.

Heartfulness Practice

We have joined hands with the ‘Heartfulness Foundation’ to practically support the overall wellbeing of students, teachers and parents. Heartfulness is all about living by the heart. It is a simple heart-based meditation technique where we tune in to the heart and learn to be centred on our Highest Self.

Project Evexia (Greek for Wellbeing)

The group of schools has developed its own, unique wellness programme – Project Evexia. The programme is truly by, for and of the students. Its motto is the commitment that “…we’ll keep each other well”. Project Evexia is led by the ‘Wellbeing Champions’ of the Student Council and supported by the teachers.

Project One

Every kindness project starts with ‘doing’. The kindness project has been launched for the students, teachers and parents wherein they are engaged in various creative activities, to explore, promote and experience caring and compassionate behaviour. Learning by doing, helps their ideas become real and tangible; and repetition helps them to start forming new habits.

Project One Root

A campaign to promote cancer awareness. We joined hands with the Indian Cancer Society (ICS) which is closely associated with various NGOs and hospitals such as Tata Memorial Hospital working for the cause. This campaign’s primary goal is to ensure that wigs are distributed free of cost to marginalized women cancer patients.

Positive Education Enhanced Curriculum

We are always strengthening ways to boost students’ wellbeing through resources powered by PEEC, Positive Education Enhanced Curriculum. The introduction of each lesson provides the necessary context for students so that they can understand the real-world applications of the core wellbeing concepts and practices. Moral education teachers use this value-add resource during the last 15 minutes of the period and encourage students to engage with it during the week and share reflections.