DSIB Inspection Highlights 2022

The overall quality of education provided by the school is rated “GOOD”. The rating has moved up in 20 key areas.


The Best Features of the School

  • The positive provision and successful outcomes in KG underpinned by the school’s promotion of personalized education​.
  • Very good attainment in Science in the secondary phase.
  • The improving quality of teaching and learning in the primary and middle phases​.
  • The rich, varied, and interesting curriculum that allows students to build life-long digital technology skills and deepens their understanding of wellbeing​.
  • The commitment and dedication of leaders, parents and governors​.


Students’ Achievement in key subjects

  • Student achievement in Science has been rated Very Good in the secondary phase and Good in all the other phases.
  • Attainment and Progress in English has been rated Good in all phases.
  • Progress in the subject of Mathematics has been consistently Good in all phases.


Other top strengths

  • Students’ personal and social development and innovation skills has been rated Very Good across all phases.
  • A ‘Very Good’ rating for health and safety, child protection and safeguarding in all phases.
  • Teaching for effective learning and students’ learning skills has been rated Good in all phases.
  • A rating of Good for curriculum design, implementation and adaptation in all phases.
  • The effectiveness of leadership and management has been rated Good.
  • A ‘Good’ rating for care, guidance and support for students in all phases.
  • A rating of Good for the provision and outcomes for students of determination.
  • Wellbeing provision and outcomes of high quality.


Other Highlights


the quality of well-being provision and outcome rated at “HIGH LEVEL”.


Improving reading literacy and wider learning skills is rated as “ABOVE EXPECTATIONS”.


The effectiveness of leadership is rated as “GOOD” - the “commitment by senior leaders, ably supported by middle leaders, is resulting in more consistent teaching and learning outcomes”.

“The commitment of the board has seen the overall performance of the school improve”.