DSIB Inspection Highlights 2023

The overall quality of education provided by the school was rated ‘Good.’ The rating has moved up in 26 areas. A total of 16 ‘Outstanding’ ratings were achieved across four school levels.

The Best Features of the School

  • The high priority allotted to students’ health and safety with regular training given to staff in safeguarding and protection measures. Health & Safety received an ‘Outstanding’ rating across the KG, primary, middle and secondary levels.
  • Students’ Personal and Social Development was rated as ‘Outstanding’ across KG, primary, middle and secondary levels under the themes of Personal Development, Understanding of Islamic Values and awareness of Emirati and World Cultures, as well as Social Responsibility & Innovative Skills.
  • Students’ strong learning skills, especially in the Secondary phase.
  • The wide range of extra-curricular activities offered to students to enhance their social, entrepreneurial and innovatory skills.
  • The positive and responsible attitudes of students, as well as their awareness and appreciation of Emirati heritage and culture, and Islamic values.
  • The high competency levels of our Principal and leaders, who are ably supported by all members of staff.

Students’ Achievement in key subjects

  • Progress in Islamic education has been rated as ‘Good.’
  • Very good attainment and progress in English, Mathematics and Science in the Secondary phase.
  • In English, mathematics and science, ‘Good’ levels of attainment are sustained in the Kindergarten (KG), Primary and Middle phases.
  • Students’ learning skills are rated ‘Very Good’ in Secondary and ‘Good’ in the other phases.

Other top strengths

  • Students' excellent attitudes to school, their work ethic, self-discipline, courtesy and behaviour have been commended.
  • Teaching for effective learning has been rated ‘Good’ for all four phases – KG, Primary, Middle and Secondary.
  • Curriculum design and implementation has been rated as ‘Good’ for KG, Primary and Middle phases and ‘Very Good’ for the Secondary phase.
  • Parents and the community as well as governance received a ‘Very Good’ rating under the ‘Leadership and Management’ category.
  • Wellbeing level is rated as ‘Good.’ Wellbeing is skillfully integrated into school life. Teachers are noted as nurturing and supporting positive classroom climates in which wellbeing is fostered.

With regards to reading literacy scores, the percentage of students reaching, or exceeding, expectations is steadily improving.


Other Highlights


Students’ personal and social development and their innovation skills received an “OUTSTANDING” rating. In all phases, students demonstrate very positive and responsible attitudes towards learning and the school.


The curriculum adaptation and design for the Secondary level is rated as “VERY GOOD.” The curriculum is well planned and has a clear rationale.


Parents & Community as well as Governance have received a “VERY GOOD” rating. The school is very successful in engaging with parents as partners in their children’s development. The governing board has provided extensive shaded areas since the previous inspection.