Parents are generally a child's first teacher in their early years. IIS provides parents with ideas and strategies and encourages them to collaborate with the school and community to strengthen partnerships and directly assist in supporting their child's learning.

To facilitate this, we have the Parent Focus Groups at IIS where parents play a vital role in contributing to the school’s various initiatives and programs that impact students and families. We believe in stakeholder feedback and acting on them - Coffee Mornings with the Principal and Parent Surveys are important ways in which the school enables this process.

Parents involvement is the foundation for student’s success and we believe in connecting our homes with the school to make our students a great community of learners. Some of the initiatives that involve parent collaboration are:

  • Charity Drive - Gratitude Day / Spirit of Ramadan,
  • Healthy Breakfast at Mom's Kitchen,
  • Date with Dad - Story Time,
  • Parent’s Talk (3Rs, Occupations),
  • Grandparent’s Day Celebration etc.

Parents also get to volunteer for various events such as Annual Days, Field Trips, Sectional activities and for supporting students. We also encourage parents to be an integral part of activities in school, such as conducting Zumba Sessions for them, as well as inviting them to hold Student Talks for MEP, career pathways etc. The school’s Inclusion team holds ‘Counsellors Talk’ for parents, guiding them and providing them with various tips on tackling challenges that they face as parents. The Dubai 30x30 Fitness Challenge is yet another time of the year when parents are actively involved with the school.

At IIS, parents and teachers come together to create the best possible learning environment for the child and foster physical, emotional and intellectual well-being, so as to make learning effective. We ensure regular ongoing communication between school and home and have robust systems of record keeping and reporting. Parent-Teacher Conferences/ Open House Days are some of the most important days of the school year. Here, parents and teachers come together to make sure that students are progressing, and they collaborate to determine ways in which they both can help them continue to succeed.