School years are full of growth, promise, excitement, hope, and sometimes a little frustration, and disappointment as well. It is the time when students begin to discover what the future holds for them, and learn

The Department of Counselling and Career Services is an essential part of the school system at the Indian High Group of Schools.

Counselling Services:

Counsellors collaborate with teachers and parents in the identification of various academic and psycho-socio-emotional needs, and further in providing the required scientific interventions. This plays a crucial role in both removing and preventing further barriers to learning that Students of Determination (SD) may be struggling with. All our intervention programs are tailored to the specific needs of the Students of Determination, ensuring the achievement of the best possible outcomes. Our focus is on developing skills and behaviours critical for academic achievement and holistic personal development. 

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced Counsellors, Special Educators and Learning Support Assistants whose sole motto is to empower the Students of Determination to deal with a wide range of difficulties and challenges that they may face and carry out the whole school programs for wellbeing.


Career Guidance:

The Guidance Counsellor provides relevant and crucial career guidance to students by following a scientific, developmental and time- bound orientation towards higher education.

Group sessions are conducted for students from Grade 8 itself to orient them as life-long learners. Group sessions in Grade 8 focuses on understanding their interests, so that they can take up activities that suit their future career. Personality, and its match with career options is given emphasis in Grade 9, whereas Grade 10 sessions look at aptitude and its match with future academic choices. This gives a comprehensive picture of their passion and, helps students and parents in various ways:

  • Understanding themselves, in terms of strengths and areas of improvement
  • Researching and building up knowledge based on their interests
  • Setting goals
  • Making informed choices while choosing their stream of study

Specialized Services
The Career Centre is committed to providing students with accurate information that will eventually aid them in professional and personal arenas. The range of services we rived are as follows:


Guidance Sessions - One-on-one sessions are conducted for students along with their parents by the Guidance Counsellor on request.  The specific queries that the parents may have regarding university admissions, test requirements, employability, etc. are catered to during these sessions. They prove to be highly beneficial and insightful to the student and his/her parents.


Student and Parent Talks - Student and parent talks conducted by respective Section Counsellors of Grades 9 & 10 focus on various topics that are important in terms of preparing for University such as Making a Strong Student Profile, Higher Education Options, etc.