Learning is more meaningful and enjoyable when content and process is learned in connection with tangible contexts in real life. The acquisition of knowledge and skills are enhanced when students construct their own meaning through the application of knowledge, skills and understanding.

We extend the possibilities and implications of the regular curriculum to wider domains through an array of enrichment programmes that enhance the cognitive, social, and physical development of the students, fulfilling our vision of Creating Proactive Global Citizens. Our Curriculum Enrichment Programmes include:


The art of coding is integrated with the Computer Science curriculum from K-Grade 10. The coding lessons and projects provide the students with the exposure to innovative technology and inspires them to be futuristic.


The school offers quality tech-resources, free of cost, to hone the mathematical and literacy skills such as Tabbie Math (Grades 3-10), Rosen Level Up (K-Grade 2), Achieve 3000 (Grades 3-10), I Start Arabic (Grades 1-5) and I Read Arabic (Grades 6-9). These online platforms serve as effective supplementary resources for students to develop their reading skills in diverse contexts / genres and to strengthen their mathematical concepts.


Subject Enrichment Activities
Enrichment activities are conducted all throughout the year as a part of classroom teaching & learning and as components for formal assessments. These consist of carefully planned activities pertaining to the various subject skills such as listening, speaking, reading, creative writing and literary analysis in languages; lab activities (physical experiments & virtual simulations) in Math and Science, projects in Social Studies, etc.


Project-based Learning (PBL)
Diverse opportunities are given to students to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and understanding in formulating plausible solutions to the big driving questions through robust research, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and problem solving. The Integrated Project (a wholesome project undertaken by the students with cross-curricular integration), The PBL week (a week-long collaboration and presentation of collaborative work on stimulating topics/questions) and The Genius Hour Project (an exclusive program for the students who are gifted and talented in the various scholastic and co-scholastic areas) are a few to mention.


Skill-builder Program
Exclusive sessions in the key subjects of English, Math and Science are planned on a weekly basis to focus solely on the development of the students in the core competencies in these subjects apart from the opportunities in the regular course modules. Students’ skill progression is also tracked over time to plan purposeful intervention and guidance.


Art integration
Classroom activities, projects and learning consolidations are thoughtfully facilitated through the medium of art and graphical representations. Students present their learning in free and creative forms of their choice.


Extended Learning Areas
CThe acquisition and application of learning is transcended beyond the four walls of the classroom. The extended learning areas in the school include the sectional reading corners, talent stations, the curiosity corner, the informative corridor displays, the inhouse vegetable patch, etc.


Co-curricular Activities
School programs and activities are planned round the year in close alignment with the curriculum and provide the students with umpteen platforms to present learning in diverse forms and arenas. These include themed-weeks, intra-school & inter-school competitions, thematic-assemblies, recess-radio, celebration of international days, etc. A few prestigious programs that our students actively participate in are the Round Square, World Scholar’s Cup and the Emirates Litfest.


Field trips
Physical/virtual tours and field trips play a great role in enhancing the global, environmental, and social awareness of students through firsthand experience, observations and interaction.


A plethora of clubs and summer camp activities spanning the realms of Formula -1, Robotics, Sports, Art & Craft, Public Speaking, Cookery, Dance, Quiz, etc. offered in the school contribute to the holistic development of the students.