What we offer for our young enterprising learners at The Indian International School – DSO is education of the highest order in an inspiring and stimulating environment. Primarily aligned to the CBSE curriculum, the school’s curriculum framework and course modules rightly combine the learning intents and standards emerging from the international benchmarks and the UAE National Agenda parameters.

Our principal focus is on the holistic development of the students through steady learning progression from grade to grade and integration of various curricular areas. The 21st century learning skills form the basis and the outcome of all the school programs and initiatives. Reading is fostered strongly as a culture and a skill through diverse contexts and platforms.



The two foundational stages (KG1 & KG 2) revolve mainly around 3 curricular areas-Literacy, Numeracy and Understanding Our World. These areas are rightly complemented and supplemented by well-designed activities for personal and social development, health and physical development and the development of the artistic and creative skills of the students.

The teaching and learning approach is a right blend of inquiry, experiential learning and play, with a clear focus on developing healthy attitudes, values for life, and the learning skills among our tiny tots right from the beginning.


Primary & Middle (Grades 1 to 5 & Grades 6 to 8)

The curriculum is wide-ranged with a good balance between the key-subjects such as the languages, Math, Science and Social Studies (SST) and the co-scholastic-disciplines such as Computer, Physical Education (PE), Art, Dance, Music, etc. Along with these subjects, Swimming is also integrated into the timetable. The subjects of UAE-SST, Moral Education Program (MEP), Arabic & Islamic-Studies form an integral part of the curriculum as per the directives of the Ministry of Education (MOE).

French and Hindi are offered as curricular choices for the second language option from Grade 1. In line with the competency -based educational initiatives from the CBSE, National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 and the international benchmarks, the school’s curriculum expectations directly align with the age-appropriate skills and core competencies identified as per global standards.


Secondary (Grades 9 &10)

The curriculum scope and expectations in the secondary phase are in strict adherence to the guidelines and specifications from the CBSE. Artificial Intelligence and Computer Applications are offered as curricular choices for the skill subject option from Grade9. Hindi and French continue to be options for the second language. The ministry subjects of Arabic and UAE Social Studies (SST) are a part of the curriculum till Grade 9. Moral Education Program (MEP) and Islamic Studies are continued till Grade 10.