Sampreet Sudheer Secures First Position in the Future Chess Champions U-17 Tournament!



We are thrilled to share the remarkable achievement of Sampreet Sudheer, a talented chess prodigy from the Indian International School, DSO. In a recent tournament held at the Kings Club in Dubai, Sampreet showcased his exceptional skills and emerged victorious in the highly competitive Future Chess Champions U-17 category.


With unwavering determination and a strategic approach, Sampreet displayed an unmatched level of skill, outmaneuvering his opponents with precision and foresight. His ability to anticipate their moves and adapt his own strategy accordingly, paved the way for his well-deserved triumph.

The Indian International School, DSO, takes immense pride in Sampreet Sudheer's achievement and congratulates him on his remarkable success.

May his winning streak continue!