Grade 3 to 5 of The Indian International School, DSO won hearts & titles at the Inter-School English Recitation Competition



Students from The Indian International School, DSO participated in The Inter-School English Recitation Competition for Grade I-V (Boys & Girls) intended to read, understand and appreciate the beauty of the language through its literary works. This event was hosted by New Indian Model School Dubai, on Saturday, 4th June 2022. Our students stole the show, with immaculate rhythm, expressive declamation and dramatic appropriateness. They bagged the 2nd runner-up position in Categories B & C (Grade 3 to 5). The 2nd runner-up winners are Anaida Jose of Grade 4 and Lubnaa Shekh of Grade 5. For our great attempt at voice, articulation and overall performance, Grade 1&2 students were presented with participation certificates.

Our proud participants are:

Category A
Alishba Fathima Abdul Hameed (Grade 2G)
Aarin Agarwal (Grade 1 G)

Category B
Bhav Kartik Jindal (Grade 4)
Anaida Jose (Grade 4- 2nd Runner Up)

Category C
Gabriel Glycen (Grade 5)
Lubnaa Shekh (Grade 5- 2nd Runner Up)